WOTD: Grainy

Did you know you can still hear and see the reminents of the Big Bang.

First you have to get your hands on an analog TV. When you turn it on you will be met with grainy static and garbled noise. 

The image you see is a visual representation of the radiation caused by the Big Bang, and the noise is an audible one.

You can also test this out on an fm radio by running it to any non used frequency. You will hear “white noise” which is the same thing.

Now you know.


POTW: ooh, shiny!

Did you know pet rocks are a thing again. (Kinda)

In our local area we have a rock painting/ hiding group. For those of you who have not heard of it yet here are the basic concepts. You find a rock of whatever size you like, paint an image or phrase on it, seal it, and hide it at places like local parks. Then someone walking a trail or a kid playing at a playground finds it and it brings a little bit of joy into someone’s day. People then either take it home or re-hide it. Most people post pictures to the group on Facebook.

Odds are that you have a group in your area. If you do not then maybe you can start one. My family and I have a lot of fun doing this.

Now you know.

Ooh, Shiny!

Sleeping ants.

Did you know that ants┬ádon’t really sleep.

Reasearch has shown that ants tend to follow a pattern of taking 8 minute naps roughly every 12 hours. They do this as an entire group.

Other research shows that some ants sleep up to 5 hours a day in short 1 minute power naps. While an ant queen can sleep 8 plus hours a day.

Now you know.




WOTD: Jiffy

Did you know that a jiffy is 33.3564 picoseconds.

This amount of time was labeled as such by an American chemist, Gilbert Newton Lewis. More recently the word has been used to describe the time between one computer animation frame and the next.

The oldest speculated use of jiffy coins it as a slang term for lightning, from around 1785.

Now you know.




How to make slime.

Did you know you could make slime with some household items.

I don’t remember exactly what we were watching now, but i remember the look on my sons face when he spun around and said, “let’s make some slime“. At first I was concerned, but after a little googling i realized when had everything we needed already in our home. There are a few different ways to go about this, which i will link you to, but here is my favorite.

Slime Made Easy

All you need is some cornstarch and some water. Mix them in a bowl with a one to one ratio, add food coloring and your done. I know it seems to simple to be true but it is. You can had or subtract some to make it the exact consistence you want.

Different types of slime.

Below i will link you to some places for slimes made with glue and chemical components. Have fun

Glue and Borax

Different types with Glue



Now you know.

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