WOTD: Delivery

Did you know that the first food delivery service is thought to have occurred as early as 1947.

The service was organized by the Woman’s Volunteer Service during WW2. It was first dreamt up out of a need in the community for cooked meals that could not be provided at home, due to the lack of power, water, or whole kitchen is some places. Unlike today the meals were cooked and transported warm. The idea quickly spread around the globe. It has gone through many iterations from helping the elderly, needy, homeless, to the mass consumer needs that we see mostly today.

Now you know.


Conversion Camps: Good or Bad.

Did you know so-called “Conversion Camps” are still operating in the U.S.

Right off the bat I want to say that if you are easily offended then this will not be the article for you. What I will attempt to do here is give an open look into the practice of “reparative therapy”, specifically in regards to camps based in the US. The article will have as many straight facts as possible, but I have the feeling that in the day and age of “alternate truths”, some people might get very offended with this article. If you have an open mind, regardless of your personal beliefs on the matter, then please enjoy.

Conversion / Reparative therapy: The Facts

In summary it is the act of attempting to change someones sexual orientation through spiritual/psychological intervention. Most of developed world has expressed extreme concern over the practice, going so far as to outlaw it due to its possible negative outcomes in some regions. The way I see it is the main issues seem to lie in two areas: When the patient is considered a minor, and whether or not the institutions report all the ways they attempt to “change” a patients sexual orientation. Lets address the first one.



The way of thinking for the opponents of the practice goes something like this. If you are a minor who has been told all your life that what you feel on the inside is wrong, then the fact that you are seeking help for that issue is not genuine. At the very least it is extremely unethical to treat someone for an issue that they have been talked into believing exist. Its one thing to take advantage of an adults feelings and emotions while they give legal consent to do so, but a child shouldn’t endure something they don’t even understand. On the other hand the proponents of the “counseling” will say its like treating any other disease. If you have a teenager who has a drug habit, yet they feel what they are doing is ok. They can still be treated for that. If a child has a mental disability that they are not aware of, that doesn’t lessen the fact that they have it.

The second issue surrounds the types of things that occur at the “conversion camps“. One side of the fence says that the patients receive treatments such as counseling, visualization, social skills training, psychoanalytical therapy, and spiritual interventions. The other side has made accusations of  counseling that involved beating a person down emotionally until the hate everything about themselves, shock therapy, or even physical abuse.

This is an issue that deserves a in-depth look no matter how you feel about the situation. Down below I will link multiple articles, from first hand accounts of abuse inside these “camps”, to proponents of the practice sending them praise. Also please if you have a personal story and wish to share it publicly please put it in the comments below, or shoot me a message in private.

references/in-depth reads:


Huffington Post


Joseph Nicolosi

One last thing I would like to ask of you, my fine readers. Do you like the format of this post. That is to say, would you rather I go more in-depth here and cover the conclusions of the various websites. Or are you happy with me giving you enough information to be interested enough to read exactly what these people/places have to say, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Please let me know down in the comments below.

WOTD: Glaring

Did you know that a group of cats is a Glaring.

Or a clowder. Unless of course you are talking about wild cats, because in that case they are a dowt. Or destruction. 

Now you know.

POTW: Elemental

Earlier this year I made a trip to Spy Rock in Nelson county Virginia. The morning started off cool and foggy. The air was crisp and fresh.

The mountain was Alive with some of the most beautiful moss and fungus I had seen in a while.

The rock outcroppings on the way to the summit where forbidding and magnificent.

An enormous flowing waterfall makes it way through the path from the peak. Every step you make upwards, is contrasted with the ever quickening decent of the water next to you.

When you finally find yourself hours later at the summit, you are met with an astounding view.

The earth below me and sky above me became this mix of elements.

The hike back down was just long enough to fully process the beauty which I was fortunate enough to be around. All in all it was a good day.


WOTD: Spicy

Did you know there’s a new pepper in the running for world’s spiciest pepper.

The aptly named Dragons Breath pepper is allegedly almost double the Scoville as the current king, the Carolina Reaper.

The Chile was cultivated at Nottingham Trent University, using special plant food. It is said that they intend to use it as a anesthetic in third world countries due to its extreme numbing properties.

The pepper carries a warning about anaphylactic shock from the university.

Now you know.
Read more here:



WOTD: Carousel

Did you know that Carousels as we know them originated in jousting tournaments.

Knights in the Middle East and Europe would ride around in a circle, all the while throwing balls to one another. While this might sound like something straight out of Monty Python, it was actual considered an athletic act. The ability to maintain control over both horse and ball were said to equate to ones skill level as a knight.

The first iteration of this tradition that resembles what we see today sprung up around the 17th century, at fairgrounds in Europe. The game was changed to attempting to spear small rings hanging above the rider’s head as they went around in a circle.

This eventually turned into homemade wooden rides at every fair in Europe. The main difference here were that there was no platform. That is to say the rider would sit on a wooden animal which was suspended from the ceiling, and be flung around the circle using centrifugal force.

The 19th century ushered in the playoff carousel we know today. There would be some tweaks here and there but for the most part they were as we know them today.

Now you know.
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WOTD: Amble

Did you know that walking, even at a amble pace, has many health benefits.

It’s the one thing the majority of us can do that we don’t do enough. From a brisk walk, to an amble stroll, walking is amazing for your health. Here are just a few examples of the health benifits to this simple task. 

  • Maintaining a health weight. 
  • Decreased risk of heart disease.
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis.
  • Lowering LDL(bad cholesterol)
  • Raising your HDL(good cholesterol)
  • Reduced risk of high blood pressure.

The list goes on and on. The point here is that for something so simple, the rewards are amazing. Remember, it’s free, at your own pace, good for your health, and can be fun. So quit reading this and get out there.

Now you know.
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How to make slime.

Did you know you could make slime with some household items.

I don’t remember exactly what we were watching now, but i remember the look on my sons face when he spun around and said, “let’s make some slime“. At first I was concerned, but after a little googling i realized when had everything we needed already in our home. There are a few different ways to go about this, which i will link you to, but here is my favorite.

Slime Made Easy

All you need is some cornstarch and some water. Mix them in a bowl with a one to one ratio, add food coloring and your done. I know it seems to simple to be true but it is. You can had or subtract some to make it the exact consistence you want.

Different types of slime.

Below i will link you to some places for slimes made with glue and chemical components. Have fun

Glue and Borax

Different types with Glue



Now you know.

WOTD: Shimmer

Did you know that stars don’t actually shimmer.

That little shimmer or twinkle you see is actually caused by the earth itself. Or our atmosphere to be more exact. When the light from the distant star makes its way through or atmosphere, it can hit some turbulence. The shifting of the air over such a great distance can cause an ever so slight bend in the light. Way down here on the planet’s surface, the star appears to shimmer in the night sky.

Now you know.


Read more about star twinkle/ shimmer.



WOTD: Casual

Did you know that casual Fridays stem from those bright Hawaiian Aloha shirts.

The Hawaiian Fashion Guild, wanted to integrate the Aloha shirts into formal business attire. They got a resolution passed through the Hawaiian Senate, stating that the aloha shirt should be worn on Lei Day. That effort snowballed into Aloha Day in 1966. By the 1990s the idea had morphed into the casual Friday that we know of in western culture.

Now you know.

Side note, now the Aloha shirt is accepted as everyday business attire in Hawaii.

Read more here: Wiki, TodayIFoundOut, Marketplace.

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