WOTD: Amble

Did you know that walking, even at a amble pace, has many health benefits.

It’s the one thing the majority of us can do that we don’t do enough. From a brisk walk, to an amble stroll, walking is amazing for your health. Here are just a few examples of the health benifits to this simple task. 

  • Maintaining a health weight. 
  • Decreased risk of heart disease.
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis.
  • Lowering LDL(bad cholesterol)
  • Raising your HDL(good cholesterol)
  • Reduced risk of high blood pressure.

The list goes on and on. The point here is that for something so simple, the rewards are amazing. Remember, it’s free, at your own pace, good for your health, and can be fun. So quit reading this and get out there.

Now you know.
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How to make slime.

Did you know you could make slime with some household items.

I don’t remember exactly what we were watching now, but i remember the look on my sons face when he spun around and said, “let’s make some slime“. At first I was concerned, but after a little googling i realized when had everything we needed already in our home. There are a few different ways to go about this, which i will link you to, but here is my favorite.

Slime Made Easy

All you need is some cornstarch and some water. Mix them in a bowl with a one to one ratio, add food coloring and your done. I know it seems to simple to be true but it is. You can had or subtract some to make it the exact consistence you want.

Different types of slime.

Below i will link you to some places for slimes made with glue and chemical components. Have fun

Glue and Borax

Different types with Glue



Now you know.

WOTD: Shimmer

Did you know that stars don’t actually shimmer.

That little shimmer or twinkle you see is actually caused by the earth itself. Or our atmosphere to be more exact. When the light from the distant star makes its way through or atmosphere, it can hit some turbulence. The shifting of the air over such a great distance can cause an ever so slight bend in the light. Way down here on the planet’s surface, the star appears to shimmer in the night sky.

Now you know.


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WOTD: Casual

Did you know that casual Fridays stem from those bright Hawaiian Aloha shirts.

The Hawaiian Fashion Guild, wanted to integrate the Aloha shirts into formal business attire. They got a resolution passed through the Hawaiian Senate, stating that the aloha shirt should be worn on Lei Day. That effort snowballed into Aloha Day in 1966. By the 1990s the idea had morphed into the casual Friday that we know of in western culture.

Now you know.

Side note, now the Aloha shirt is accepted as everyday business attire in Hawaii.

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Did you know that Bonnie and Clyde met while Clyde was making hot chocolate for a girl with a broken arm.

The storie goes that the infamous criminal partners of the 1930’s first layed eyes on one another on the 5th of January, 1930. Clyde was said to be standing in the kitchen of a mutual friend, who had brokeen her arm, making her some hot chocolate. Bonnie came to visit and saw him standing there. Love at first site.

Now you know.

WOTD: Symphony 

Did you know that a Symphony was deemed a irreplaceable piece of patriotic, moral boosting art during WWII.

Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony # 7. It was hailed as a musical interpretation of the people of Leningrads resistance to the German army. The symphony was played all around the world, including the besieged city itself. The symphony deserves a listen, and the full story a read.

Now you know.

POTW: Textures

     I happend upon this lovely dead log a few months back at a local park. The moss and begun to take it over from the inside. To run your hand across it was something akin to a unsealed wooden board you would find at any home improvement store. Cool, rough and dead. The moss on the other hand was warm, squishy and damp. The texture equivalent of life.


WOTD: Foggy

Did you know that on the 5th of December 1952, a combination between fog and pollution halted the entire city of London. It lasted until the 9th of December, and was said to have killed somewhere between 4,000 and 12,000 people. The fog was so dense that it was even able to manifest inside homes. The incident was attributed to the amount of pollution in the air, and a freak weather combination. Heres a few places to read about if yourself, Big Smoke, History.

Now you know.

Cartel Gas

Did you know that the Mexican drug cartels are making huge profits off the theft and sale of stolen gas and oil? According to various news outlets such as, Bloomberg, Vice, and The Guardian, its a very lucrative endeavor. Heres the deal. Mexico owns Petroleos Mexicanos, otherwise know as Pemex. Pemex is state owned petroleum company involved with everything from fuel production to oil field exploration. Pemex is currently having an issue with the cartels stealing fuel from their pipes, facility’s and any where they can exploit a weakness in security.

Hitting the fully loaded distribution facility’s is a pretty cut and dry operation. Pull up, load up, roll out. The operations that intrest me are the ones where the tap directly into piplines. Allegedly it takes less than $8,000 worth of equipment to get started. They then dig down to a section of pipe and fit it with an illegal valve. This can sometimes cause massive spills or explosions. When it works however, the cartel has a direct line to the gas until the tap is found.

As you can deduce using some simple economic theories, this is a major win for the cartels. Their ability to steal massive amounts of gas causes the price of legal gas to go up, which in turn causes their gas to look even better.

Pemex has introduced many countermeasures in response to this. From piping unrefined gas, to armed government troops patrolling sites. None of which have completely stopped the cartels from doing what they want when they want.

That’s not even mentioning the kidnappings of employees, murders etc. All in all its a very horrific, yet interesting thing to look into. When the cartels look for ways to make money, it seems nothing is off the table.

Now you know.

First Things First

Everything I have read ,in regards to starting a blog says that I should find a tiny little niche and run with it. As I look around this charming yet insane world we live in, I find myself wondering why. It could be that when people sit down with something they want a cohesive “thing”, be it a Movie, Book, or Blog. It could be that the people who write articles about writing blogs or their blog can not imagine having to keep track of a plethora of ideas all at once. It could be that they use a blog to bring their life to focus. I on the other hand feel that most people do not live in such a small well-defined world. Therefore this blog will be about something each time, even if that something is a different something then the something before it, or the same something as the something before it with a different twist on said something. If your head hurts then this isn’t for you, if you smirked and shook your head…….well were almost best friends already. In summary, when I learn something that I think is worth sharing, I shall.

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