How to make slime.

Did you know you could make slime with some household items.

I don’t remember exactly what we were watching now, but i remember the look on my sons face when he spun around and said, “let’s make some slime“. At first I was concerned, but after a little googling i realized when had everything we needed already in our home. There are a few different ways to go about this, which i will link you to, but here is my favorite.

Slime Made Easy

All you need is some cornstarch and some water. Mix them in a bowl with a one to one ratio, add food coloring and your done. I know it seems to simple to be true but it is. You can had or subtract some to make it the exact consistence you want.

Different types of slime.

Below i will link you to some places for slimes made with glue and chemical components. Have fun

Glue and Borax

Different types with Glue



Now you know.

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