First Things First

Everything I have read ,in regards to starting a blog says that I should find a tiny little niche and run with it. As I look around this charming yet insane world we live in, I find myself wondering why. It could be that when people sit down with something they want a cohesive “thing”, be it a Movie, Book, or Blog. It could be that the people who write articles about writing blogs or their blog can not imagine having to keep track of a plethora of ideas all at once. It could be that they use a blog to bring their life to focus. I on the other hand feel that most people do not live in such a small well-defined world. Therefore this blog will be about something each time, even if that something is a different something then the something before it, or the same something as the something before it with a different twist on said something. If your head hurts then this isn’t for you, if you smirked and shook your head…….well were almost best friends already. In summary, when I learn something that I think is worth sharing, I shall.

3 thoughts on “First Things First

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  1. Thanks for the way you concluded the post. Specializing in a particular niche is the best, everybody supports that, but sometimes, there is an exception. Varieties are desired sometimes. I think a recipe for a particular concoction can be changed sometimes. Best wishes.

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