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Everything I have read ,in regards to starting a blog says that I should find a tiny little niche and run with it. As I look around this charming yet insane world we live in, I find myself wondering why. It could be that when people sit down with something they want a cohesive “thing”, be it a Movie, Book, or Blog. It could be that the people who write articles about writing blogs or their blog can not imagine having to keep track of a plethora of ideas all at once. It could be that they use a blog to bring their life to focus. I on the other hand feel that most people do not live in such a small well-defined world. Therefore this blog will be about something each time, even if that something is a different something then the something before it, or the same something as the something before it with a different twist on said something. If your head hurts then this isn’t for you, if you smirked and shook your head…….well were almost best friends already. In summary, when I learn something that I think is worth sharing, I shall.

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POTW: Structure

I was sitting at a train station near my hometown one morning for about 30 minutes when the sun started to rise. I had my entire family with me so we had been doing the normal pacing around waiting for the train, looking at all the small things, anything to pacify two 6 year olds. When all of a sudden I look up at a scene I had in front of me for the past half hour, and it had changed. The sun had awoken the sky just enough to bring out the explosion of color, but it was still dim enough to let the lights from the structures shine on. I took a quick shot and was extremely pleased with the results. The structure to me here is the scene itself. I never had some truck, a clock, and an old building pegged as a viable scene. Yet it came out beautifully, if I do say so myself.


Solitary Confinment: Is It Worth It.

History of solitary confinement in the US.

The first use of solitary confinement in the US was in 1829, at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Someone is normally put into S.C. when they continually break prison rules, are a direct threat to staff and other inmates, a direct threat to their own health, or are targeted by the prison population due to the nature of their crime. The inmate can spend from 22 to 24 hours a day in their cell, never seeing anyone other than the prison guards, and that contact is minimal. As you can imagine this has led to some issues, both in the mental health of the inmates and the legality of the practice.

Harmful effects.

Many studies have been done into the effects of S.C. on a person. These effects can be one or more of the following:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • suicidal tendency’s
  • hallucinations
  • dissociation
  • increased rage

The list goes on and on. It doesn’t take a doctor to see how taking a criminal and adding these things into the mix could be extremely dangerous, for the inmate and the public. Imagine taking someone who was arrested for assault, locking him up for a few months in S.C. and then releasing him back into the public. When you combine a person who has some issues (with what is essentially torture), then you will obviously end worse than you began. Which takes us to our next point.

Torture by definition.

According to the U.N. (part 1, Article 1) the act of torture can easily describe the type of issue someone in solitary confinement could face on a daily basis. Some people will have a hard time associating the word torture with inmates, who have committed a crime. The thing you need to keep in mind is if you are for human rights, then those rights apply to all humans. They apply to you, teachers, drug dealers, cops, pedophiles, and farmers. Torture is wrong, no matter what lens you view it through.


My thoughts.

It can be hard, but i attempt to place myself in everyone’s shoes when i write something like this here or somewhere else. One turn down a one way street, one look down while driving, one bad decision and most anyone could end up in jail. One accident at work and you could be without a job, and in need of quick cash. You could find yourself sitting in a holding cell awaiting intake into a facility where you could end up in S.C. ,for something another inmate does. I feel that S.C. is a crime against basic human rights, I believe its torture. But even if you don’t feel the same way I do while sitting in your warm room pecking reading this, think about how you would feel sitting in that cell wondering if you might be in S.C. before the week is through.

If you would like a longer read, with more facts and numbers please check out the link to Solitary Watch below.

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Solitary Watch


WOTD: Grainy

Did you know you can still hear and see the reminents of the Big Bang.

First you have to get your hands on an analog TV. When you turn it on you will be met with grainy static and garbled noise. 

The image you see is a visual representation of the radiation caused by the Big Bang, and the noise is an audible one.

You can also test this out on an fm radio by running it to any non used frequency. You will hear “white noise” which is the same thing.

Now you know.


POTW: ooh, shiny!

Did you know pet rocks are a thing again. (Kinda)

In our local area we have a rock painting/ hiding group. For those of you who have not heard of it yet here are the basic concepts. You find a rock of whatever size you like, paint an image or phrase on it, seal it, and hide it at places like local parks. Then someone walking a trail or a kid playing at a playground finds it and it brings a little bit of joy into someone’s day. People then either take it home or re-hide it. Most people post pictures to the group on Facebook.

Odds are that you have a group in your area. If you do not then maybe you can start one. My family and I have a lot of fun doing this.

Now you know.

Ooh, Shiny!

Sleeping ants.

Did you know that ants don’t really sleep.

Reasearch has shown that ants tend to follow a pattern of taking 8 minute naps roughly every 12 hours. They do this as an entire group.

Other research shows that some ants sleep up to 5 hours a day in short 1 minute power naps. While an ant queen can sleep 8 plus hours a day.

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WOTD: Willy-nilly

Did you know that this phrase dates back to the year 1000.

The text was Aelfric’s lives of Saints.

The phrase also pops up time and time again in the works of Shakespeare, such as Hamlet.

Now you know.


Coins on Veterans Gravestones and their meaning.

Did you know that the coins you may have seen from time to time on Veterans gravestones have a specific meaning.

If you have ever been by a grave of an armed services veteran, you may have seen change laying on the gravestone. This is not some random thing, nor is it that someone disrespectfully dropt change there.

A penny indicates someone visited the grave.

A nickel indicates that the person went to basic trading with the deceased.

A dime indicates that the person served with the deceased after basic.

A quarter indicates that the visitor was with the deceased when they passed.

The money is periodically collected and used at the cemetery.

Now you know.


Military News


How Did We Get Here: A Look At The Violence in Charlottesville Virginia.

Charlottesville Virginia, Preface.

First off lets set a few expectations, and a few bits of understanding between I ( the writer) and you( the reader). I do not condone any act of violence directed at anyone. The way people on both sides of the fence acted in this situation needs to be examined and that’s what we are going to attempt to do here. At the end of this article I will lay out my personnel opinion on the matter, but the bulk of this piece will have to do with attempting to understand how we got here.

Understanding the Intent.

The first bit of information in this kaleidoscope of idiocy is the intended removal of a statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee from a park. It was decided by the city council to remove and sell the statue, and rename the park in which it sits. Shortly after that decision came down, a judge put a temporary halt on the removal of the statue. The injunction gave the city six months before the statue could be removed, which left time open for legal battles in regards to the ability of the city to remove the statues. Both the park which houses the Robert E Lee statue, and one where a statue of “Stonewall” Jackson sits were renamed. Almost immediately the protest started.

Richard Spencer

On May 13th 2017, Richard Spencer led a protest in Charlottesville, against the proposed removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. Richard Spencer is a viewed as a white supremest, although he states himself that he rejects “white supremacy”. Local groups associate with the fight to keep the statues in place spoke out against Spencer and the protest that occurred.


Unite The Right Rally

A rally was organized by Jason Kessler for August 11 and 12 2017, that would bring together dozen of far-right groups in protest. The rally itself went through a small legal battle, and on the evening of August 11 it was ruled that the rally could proceed. There were incidents on the night of August 11 on the campus of UVA involving protestors and counter protestors which climaxed in slurs and violence.

Before the rally actually begun on August 12, the violence had already started. Many different flags/signs could be seen from the confederate battle flag, to nazi signs, to Trump hats. By 11am on August 12 a state of emergency had been declared and over a dozen people had been wounded in street brawls between the two sides. The rally wasnt scheduled to start untill noon.

The violence took a turn for the worst around 1:45pm, when a white male allegedly drove his car through a crowd of protestors, killing one and injuring many more. Both Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer were quick to denounce the violence. Some went on to blame the counter protestors and the police for the violence.

Devils Advocate.


At no time do two wrongs make a right. At no time is violence ok towards our fellow-man. It takes two to tango. I could go on and on but you get the point. Doing a simple search through YouTube and you can find video supporting both sides of the fence, in the idea that the other side was being violent. It boils down to the fact that we as a nation are walking away with a black eye, and this is just round one it would seem.

My opinion.

Here is where I stand with all this. 1: I hope they throw the book at the monster who killed that poor woman. 2: I despise anyone who believes that they are  high and mighty, that they are better by birth than other human being, white, black, brown, red, yellow, orange,blue, rich , poor etc. 3: I have no concern for the monuments either way, but the point is that the community made a decision, and people from outside of the community are attempting to force their will on them. That is wrong no matter how you look at it. It’s a local issue and it should be decided by the locals. 4: It’s easy to sit here and say this but, violence is never the answer. A picture of a black officer standing in front of the protestors is circulating the web. This is a perfect example, in the face of pure hate, he held his head up and did his job. If he was yelling back at them then the photo would not hold the same weight. (Also I know the picture is from another older event.) Be better than the people who wish the worst on you.

Final Thoughts.

Fear. Remember this, fear is the motivator here. Always remember that no matter what the name of the hate group is, fear is their currency. Do not give into it, fight it with compassion and understanding. Put down your ego and try to understand that none of us were born hating anyone else, they grew into it, were taught it, and most likely had it beat into them. Compassion will always come out ahead.


As a side note make sure you look at the list of groups who attended this rally. If you find yourself hating what happened here, but a group you think you agree with is listed, well maybe you need to do some soul-searching.

Now you know.



NY Times

USA Today



Facebook Group



WOTD: Prickle

Did you know a group of Hedgehogs are known as a prickle.

They can also be known as an array. Porcupines can also use the collective noun prickle.

Now you know.


WOTD: Jiffy

Did you know that a jiffy is 33.3564 picoseconds.

This amount of time was labeled as such by an American chemist, Gilbert Newton Lewis. More recently the word has been used to describe the time between one computer animation frame and the next.

The oldest speculated use of jiffy coins it as a slang term for lightning, from around 1785.

Now you know.




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